in 1999, i designed my first web site for a well known company that rebuilt and restored classic mustang cars.

it was a time when every well designed site displayed all the bells and whistles of music; (mustang sally in this case),

rotating objects, site visitor counters, colorized side scroll bars, trailing mouse pointers and anything else the imagination could conjure up.

within a short time period, i realized the superiority of what in recent years, has been entitled ‘flat design’ and ‘white space’. all of my sites were quickly transformed with straight html designs.

trends in web design don’t linger long and in our current climate of diy, i have shifted my focus toward graphic design. since 1999, i have designed graphics for clients’ sites as i built them, but now i am releasing those designs to others for use in their diy projects.

as always, quality is my mantra. purchase graphics from pearweed’s online shop and use them to reach your goals.

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