[images] in 2004 i began a photoblog. (4) times i’ve deleted i’d posted and began again. with each site, my purpose and goal has been different. being a perfectionist, i’ve split my images into (2) basic categories; images & glimpses. the images section typically contains photos i’ve put some thought into or spent more time on, but as i’ve learned, spending time on an image doesn’t make it a quality image. however, if it’s posted in the image section, at the time of the post i thought i liked it. (insert smile)

[glimpses] garry winogrand said, “i photograph to find out what something will look like photographed.”

i find myself doing that all the time, and it carries over into the area of graphics. sometimes i make a graphic just to see what it will look like; to see if i can produce what i’m imagining.

the glimpses section is a place to display some of the images and graphics that serve no purpose elsewhere. they are glimpses into my everyday life when i’m out and about or when i’m sitting at my desk.

[notes] charles eames said, “design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose.”

if we could master the process one time and apply it for the rest of our lives, design would be simple, but each design with it’s differing purpose must be imagined and then applied.

ideas, applications, styles, individual likes and dislikes are constantly changing. this is why my mind, computer, and physical notes are full of tidbits of information as possible solutions for design applications. i share some of those ideas, tricks, and tips in the notes section of this site.


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