… window or browser
through the years i’ve seen many people take issue with the practice of having a link open a new browser, or as many say, a new window. i’ve seen discussions on the web where some claim they do it to keep people on their site. they argue back and forth about this with remarks like, “if your site isn’t good enough to keep visitors…”, and others claim it breaks the back button.
the truth is that opening a new browser will not keep people on your site and it doesn’t break the back button; there’s a script i loathe that breaks the back button.
having a link open in a new browser is ideal for people who know how to surf the web. when i’m on a site reading a post and an image or link to another site references more on the subject, it’s my preference to be able to view the reference and hold my place on the original site.
the bottom line is that opening a new browser with a link is completely a personal preference. if it’s your web site, do it the way you like. if it’s not your site, honor the wishes of your client. if it’s a site your visiting, and it’s not your preference, get over it.
the code is built into many blogging platforms, but here’s the code:

<a href="http://www.anothersite.com" target="_blank">text goes here</a>

it will function like this: