may you grow around the barriers & find an open door

Cold weather has been on my mind all week which seems silly because the temperature on Sunday rose to 67 degrees fahrenheit. Since then a cold front moved through dumping snow on many near us and bringing quite a bit of rain in our immediate area.

Today it was bright and sunny, but windy and the temperature only rose to 31 degrees fahrenheit. I’ve heard people complaining about how cold it is and I just smile to myself knowing that three days ago it was like spring, the Bradford Pear tree in our front yard has its spring buds, and pansies are blooming in our front flower bed surrounded by ivy.

When one family member, who shall remain nameless, was complaining about how cold they were, I said, “You don’t know what cold weather is. When you’ve gone for 30 days straight and the temperature hasn’t climbed above zero day or night, then you can tell me it’s cold. If you had on long pants and socks you might be surprised how comfortable it is.” You could say it was one of those “I used to walk ten miles in the snow to school” moments.

Several times a day I let out a sigh without realizing it’s coming because my mind has wandered off to my green eyed wild flower. I feel certain she’s cold.


May the dreams you are dreaming in a warm soft bed, and may the voices inside you that fill you with dread, make the sounds of thousands of angels instead, tonight where you might be laying your head.
— Patty Griffin, (Singer/Songwriter/Musician)

32 comments on “may you grow around the barriers & find an open door

  1. Our high tomorrow will be 8F and we have 18 inches of snow. But we are in a nice warm house – it could be so much worse. And I agree with Christopher – great quote!

  2. framed beautifully.. :) and yeah, that’s one way to look at it.. just think of some place that’s much colder than where you’re currently in.. :D that’ll definitely put it in perspective and make you feel a bit better.. :)

  3. What a beautiful sentiment, Sherri. We all have barriers to get around, of course, but we do have to smile sometimes at those that some people think are impassable. 10 miles in the snow to school…is something else altogether. :)

  4. Typical an object and setting which most folks just pass by. Of course, not you. Your good eye for detailing shows perfectly here. That’s why I love it!

  5. Funny how parents say the say things…the shock really is when you realise you sound just like your father/mother – must be genetic! Like your high key image – and it’s title.

  6. Warm is relative; 28 degrees last Saturday was warm to us. Yet I dream of a day when this snow is gone, melted and warm sunny days reign. Nice to see the warm tones and the green of the ivy reaching for the sky.

  7. As if the green leaves and their strong shadows weren’t enough, you’ve gone and sneaked in that fire hydrant (or whatever it is) at the bottom, and that’s precisely what made me smile as I scrolled down… Well seen.

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